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National Student Poets Program

Glenis Redmond has served as the Mentor Poet for the National Student Poets Program since 2014. Annually, five students are selected for one year of service as literary ambassadors, each representing a different geographic region of the country. By elevating and showcasing their work for a national audience, the Program strives to inspire other young people […]

Review of Two Poems

“On The Way To Grandma’s Funeral” and “What the Confederate Flag Means To Me I was fortunate to be showcased in Women’s Voices For Change. Thank you fellow Warren Wilson Alumni Rebecca Foust. Here are a few words from her: Today’s poems are drawn from Glenis Redmond’s new collection, What My Hand Say, a book whose […]


Two Free Little Libraries

Birthday Gifts Growing up in Piedmont, SC in the Canterbury subdivision I was my household’s resident book geek and word nerd. I ran after the bookmobile like most kids ran after the ice-cream truck. I also pored over stacks at the Main Library on College Street during every free moment. Woodmont High School gave me […]

Exploring the Imagistic Turn…

…in Jackie Earley’s ’1,968 Winters’ At first glance “1,968 Winters” appears to be purely a humorous poem. At least, that is what I thought as a 5th grader, when I heard it performed by Yolanda Walker, the coolest black girl that had ever lived. She stood on stage dressed in all black clothes and sporting […]

Black History for me is 365 days a year…

…not just during the 28 days in February. Anson County Black History Month, 2014 I have said it many times before: Black History for me is 365 days a year not just during the 28 days in February. I was booked in Anson County this year for a few days in February, but it summed […]

Poet of the People

for Carl Sandburg We learned “Fog” in English Class and how it moved on little cat feet, a tenderness crept across me then touching a place I could not name. When our teacher recited “Chicago” The Big Shoulders of that city held me lifting me up above Piedmont, South Carolina allowing me to see the […]

Mama’s Magic

My mama is magic. Always was and always will be. There is one phrase that constantly bubbled from the lips of her five children, “My momma can do it.” We thought my mama knew everything. Believed she did, as if she were born full grown from the Encyclopedia of Britannica. I could tell you stories […]


After Sean Hill From my lips I stitch a quilt, a crooked song that weaves its way around South Carolina, a pie shape that conjures food — ice tinkling in glasses of  amber tea  or heat rising off rich red velvet cake layers too sweet like the words I was raised on, words that say, […]


For Middlesex County Academy in New Brunswick, NJ — Alternative School and Damon House — Alcohol & Drug Treatment Facility They banter back and forth like boys do: You charcoal, son. You so black you purple. I tell them, hol’up in defense of my mahogany skin and the boy they’re putting down. I say, You know what they […]