This poetry workshop is based on the belief that poetry, in addition to being written and read, should be performed. In session one, teachers learn ways to help students use brainstorming, imagery, and layering to write powerful and effective poems. Clear and easy poetic structures and formats empower students to expand their imaginations and to cross creative boundaries. In session two, participants examine ways to involve students in memorizing and performing their poems to further communicate the written word with appropriate voice projection, physical stance, and gesture.

For Teachers of Grades 5-12
3 hours or 6 hours of instruction time
Maximum number of workshop participants: 35

In conjunction with the Kennedy Center


Tributary Poetry

Learn ways to help students in finding the images that reflect their own personal stories and how to use this imagery to write powerful, effective poems. Glenis has several different prompts that engage students in looking at themselves, others and society. ¬†She has crafted poems forms such as: ¬†Recipes for a Better World, What is Wrong with the World, What’s in My Name and Before (Anti-Bullying) poem form. Students will learn reflection techniques to both deepen and expand their awareness.

For Students
One Hour to 90 Minutes
Maximum number students: 25


Glorified Poetic Conversations

This is Glenis Redmond at her best. Her mystic self is loose in this unscripted workshop. She comes to the table with all her tools, crafts and skills and plays the room much like a jazz musician. She opens the doors of this workshop by reciting poems and entering into the door of deep revelation by questioning and musing. Participants will be involved in this lively conversation and use this topic as a jumping off point to create.

Intermediate and Advanced Students
Tailored for the occasion